A day at the festival for Saint-Laurent-de-Chamousset middle school students



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Actor Vincent Perez introduced the screening of Green Book, starring Viggo Mortensen, which was followed by the "Cannes" premiere of the film Ibrahim. Many schoolkids dream of living such a day, and the Lumière festival made the wish come true. Saturday morning, the students of Saint-Laurent-de-Chamousset middle school had an envy-worthy day of cinema. As part of the film workshop offered by their establishment, Alexandra, 13, attended the Lumière festival for the first time, declaring, “I’ve been doing the theatre since I was six; I like to act, but it's great to be here, because you get to see the behind-the-scenes of cinema!” Accompanied by their teachers, Nicole Bruyas and Manuel Lauvernier, budding movie buffs have made a short film every year year during the cinema workshop. It is a moment that Guilhem, age 14, a fan of Steven Spielberg, would not miss for the world. "To make the short film, we work as a team, where everyone has a specialty, such as editing. What I love is filming!” Since its creation, the festival has invited students from schools across the region every year. Seventy-three school screenings took place during this 12th edition. It’s enough to make you want to go back to school!



Laura Lépine

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