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BLEEDER 1999 03


A world premiere, a filmmaker "who imposed his style and reached the summit of international cinema." The screening of Bleeder by Nicolas Winding Refn had everything to draw the crowds: first because the 1999 film was never released in France, and also because the director of Drive had made the trip for the occasion last Wednesday night at the Comoedia.

Before a packed house, the Danish filmmaker was talking about the impetus of his second film, which marked a turning point in his creative process:

« After Pusher, I was a little confused. I really realized afterwards that I was not interested in films, but rather in what they were not. With Bleeder, I really wanted to capture the DNA of a movie and transform it. »

And even if he doesn't like talking about the past and watching his movies, Nicolas Winding Refn shared some anecdotes before answering festivalgoers' questions…

« When my mother saw Drive at Cannes, she said, it's funny, I feel like I'm watching Bleeder! These films are very different, but the approach is similar, they both talk about sex and violence. In Bleeder, love and violence are still static, and it's the moviegoer who moves. In fact, what we find in Drive was born with Bleeder. »

And even if the director apologized to the festival audience for the very 90s look of the characters, they were eager to see the movie, never before released in theaters. Nicolas Winding Refn continues to plot his course, and moviegoers will follow.


Laura Lépine



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