I am a ‘Rivettian’ creature.



Always choosing alternate roads, armed with a devastating sense of humour, the legendary actress Bulle Ogier charmed the audience of the Comédie Odéon. An elegant, funny and slightly whimsical encounter, perfectly “Bulle”.


The beginnings with Marc'O

Marc'O and I worked together from 1961 to 1967 in the theatre, day and night. We did the play Les Idoles together. It became a success, which we didn't expect. You know, we were not interested in money or fame. The play became a film that we shot with the actors Pierre Clémenti and Jean-Pierre Kalfon. We formed quite a trio: we were called the non-conformists; we were rather rebellious!

L’Amour fou with Jacques Rivette

Jacques Rivette chose Jean-Pierre Kalfon and me to act in L'Amour fou. It's the story of a man and a woman who separate. At the time, Jacques, Jean-Pierre and I were in the middle of a separation with our respective spouses, so we were quite concerned about the issue! I was very innocent, even naive, I had no sense of the camera; this innocence helped me a great deal. There was something magical that happened during this film. Jacques and I have had a special bond over the decades, through the cinema. I somewhat claim to be a "Rivettian" creature.


bulleogier_renerlea-28 © Léa Rener

The Valley: adventure is adventure

The filming of Barbet Schroeder's The Valley lasted six months in New Guinea; there were constant incidents! Huts caught on fire, we had fish in the canteen poisoned with datura, a toxic plant that can cause hallucinations. The director of photography, Néstor Almendros, lost his lenses in the jungle and couldn't shoot anymore! If there had been a ‘making of’ of this shoot, it would have been great!

A ‘smashing’ actress

German actress Ingrid Caven was the link with Barbet Schroeder and Rainer Fassbinder. When Fassbinder came to Paris, he was happy that Barbet was there, a little to protect him; we were friends. It was a period when we had a lot of fun, in the 80s. Fassbinder filmed very quickly and always spoke to me in German and I didn't understand a thing! One day, I knocked on his door and knocked so hard that the door fell open. After that, Fassbinder thought more of me. You have to knock down your director's door!


Reported by Laura Lépine


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