Kenifé Touré : « Culture is the best way to discover a country »




Driven by "the desire to learn", Kenifé Touré, 36, is joining the festival's volunteer team this year. A great first for the film fan, who left her native Ivory Coast to settle in France just a year ago. “When you arrive in a country, I think it all starts with culture; it's the best means of discovery.” Thanks to the Passerelles Buissonnières association, which aims to support women in isolation, emerging from illness or exile, Kenifé is carrying out her first volunteer missions this year, which include welcoming the public to the Villa Lumière, to the DVD store and to the Lyon Conference Centre for the award ceremony. And to perfect her knowledge of cinema, this adopted Lyonnaise did not fail to take a guided tour of the Lumière Museum. A fan of Louis de Funès and of adventure and science fiction sagas like Indiana Jones and Avatar, Kenifé promises to attend a few screenings at the Lumière Institute during or after the festival in order to delve deeper into French cinema. Even if she admits that she already has a favourite… a certain Jean Dujardin. A few months after arriving in France, this dynamic young woman has already proven her commitment to and fondness for French culture. In love with the native city of cinema, Kenifé is currently looking for a job as a customer service representative in order to settle permanently in the greater Lyon area. A courageous and giving person, she is the pride of her sons, 12-year-old Vazoumana and 6-year-old Aboubacar-Siddiq.


Photo Kenife Toure



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