Lumière at the hospital: « Bringing cinema to these places brings life »

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"I was copper, you made me gold". A slam, the use of words to "give strength", and some selfies. With the art of wielding words and the generous spirit we know him for, rapper, author and director Abd al Malik delighted the patients and staff of the Saint-Vincent-Saint-Paul Clinic during “Lumière at the hospital”, held this Tuesday. The event was carried out in partnership with the Rêve de Cinéma (Cinema Dreams) association, which provides film screenings in hospitals across France. On the day's programme, Fanfan la Tulipe by Christian-Jaque, a classic that the writer-filmmaker had the pleasure of introducing to an audience, captivated by his words: “I saw this film on television when I was a child. At the time, whether we came from the projects or elsewhere, we saw the same films, we had the same imaginary world.”


Cinema as therapy

A classic like Fanfan reminds us that we have a heritage that unites us, which is what interests me as an artist and as a man. I hope what I told you will give you courage and that this film will do the same." A precious moment between the patients and Abd al Malik, who always shows up to introduce screenings organised at the hospital: "To  bring cinema into places like this, is to bring life".

The impact is confirmed by Dr Edouard Carrier, CEO of the Saint-Vincent-Saint-Paul Clinic, an establishment for women suffering from eating disorders. “These disorders sweep away everything in their path; it's a real tsunami for the family. There is also a strong feeling of guilt in these patients. Being able to enjoy moments like movie screenings plays an important role in therapy." The cinema, a remedy to consume without moderation. 


Laura Lépine

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