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Eve Denamiel :
« We are just creating happiness here! »



Eve Denamiel Benevole Visuel

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Ensuring dance lessons for people with Down's syndrome in England, participating in the reconstruction of a wall dating from 500 BC in Spain, contributing to a festival of Chechen culture in Poland, giving biology lessons to the inhabitants of Kathmandu… At age 35, Eve Denamiel has travelled the world on numerous volunteer missions. From the Lyon suburb of Villeurbanne, she has has been putting into practice this unwavering commitment for more than fifteen years. "I love volunteering; we learn so much from one another. There is a lot of kind-heartedness.” Originally from Doubs, this globetrotter moved to Villeurbanne a few years ago, after earning a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies focused on the European Union. A former volunteer with the Association of the Foundation of Students for the City (Afev), where she was a tutor, four months ago, Eve joined the Clubhouse, an association which aims to facilitate the social and professional reintegration of those left vulnerable from mental disorders. A partner of the Lumière festival, the Clubhouse invites several of its members every year to join the festival's volunteer team. It is a first for Eve: "I came to the festival as a moviegoer, but being a volunteer is even more rewarding. When I come across someone in the metro with the festival flyer, there is a sense of pride in thinking that we are participating, in our own way, in this event, which is a source of pleasure - we are just creating happiness here!" Nothing could be more natural for this young woman with infectious enthusiasm.


Laura Lépine

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