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Lucie Beron :
« It's this festive atmosphere that I love! »



Lucie Beron Benevole Visuel

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From Vittorio De Sica to Luca Guadagnino or Salvo Cuccia. Italian cinema holds no secrets for 23-year-old Lucie Beron. For the past four years, this student from Lyon has been volunteering for the festival. A well-known face among night owls, the young woman has taken on several roles for the festival every year: reception, cloakroom and help at the bar. "It's this festive atmosphere that I love! I’ve become friends with other volunteers, and we often get together for movie quizzes at a bar at the Croix-Rousse", confides the student majoring in Italian at Lyon 3 University. A savvy cinephile, Lucie Beron, from Venissieux, never misses an edition of the Annecy Italian film festival or the Italian Cinema series held by her university department. Currently writing her dissertation on the representation of homosexuality in Italian cinema, Lucie is back to participate this year: "I will be welcoming visitors at the Lumière Pop-up Store as well as at the International Classic Film Market (MIFC)". And for festivalgoers new to transalpine cinema, this aspiring Italian teacher has already compiled a short list of her personal favourites: Bicycle Thieves and Umberto D. by Vittorio De Sica, as well as Hidden Identity by Salvo Cuccia. Lucie's future students have been warned: "There will definitely be cinema on the curriculum!”

With Miss Beron, there will be no playing hooky!

Laure Lépine

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