One film,

one tree!



Aware of the climate change crisis, the Lumière festival is adopting an innovative approach.

Since the very first year, 2009, the Lumière festival has been pursuing an approach aimed at reducing its environmental impact. Among several initiatives (notably an incentive for soft mobility - bicycles, electric cars - in Lyon and the metropolitan area), a partnership with the Forestry Office has made it possible to launch several planting and reforestation projects in the Rhône-Alpes territory.






Examples include the creation of a forest of fruit trees in the municipal area of Entre-Deux-Guiers in Isère and the reforestation of the Lens-Lestang Forest in the Drôme. This year, the festival is planning the renewal of a forest for protection purposes in the Pilat rhodanien, in the municipality of Trèves, and the planting of a micro-forest in an urban environment in the Isère municipality of Fontaines, with the idea of eventually developing a forest covering 3.7 hectares in the town. These innovative approaches help ensure that nature is not just a memory projected onto a screen.



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