Students visit the Lumière festival



No written exams, no practice exams for the Baccalaureate this Tuesday for the students of the Lycée Guillaume-Fichet in Bonneville.

On the programme for the Savoyard high school students, a trip back in time thanks to three films screened at the Lumière Institute as part of the festival: Hard, Fast and Beautiful! by Ida Lupino, Histoire de chanter by Gilles Grangier and Law of the North by Jacques Feyder. "It's very interesting to see the images of the time and the daily life of that period, it's a change from contemporary films. And I like the architecture of the Institute," commented Gladys, a senior at Guillaume-Fichet High. Her classmate Hugo, a Western fan, was also pleased with the programme of his first Lumière festival: "I liked the story of Ida Lupino's film; it was suspenseful right up to the end!” Since its creation, the festival has invited schools from all over France. This year, nearly 4,000 students will have participated in the thirteenth edition. A great gift for these budding film lovers.


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Laura Lépine

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