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Antoine Rouché, 27 years old



My brief bio: Originally from Marseille, I moved to Lyon three months ago, for love. After my studies in audiovisual editing, I worked for TV channels such as TF1 and KTO, where I did trailers for dramas and programmes. Having just arrived in Lyon, I am currently looking for a job as an audiovisual editor.

My favourite filmmakers: I am a fan of Tim Burton and David Fincher. I'm also a big fan of Marvel films: as soon as a new movie is released in theatres, I go see it!

My favourite film: Big Fish by Tim Burton. I saw this film when I was a kid and it influenced me a lot.

My interest in volunteering: This year is my first year as a volunteer and festivalgoer. Volunteering gives me the opportunity to discover the behind the scenes of the festival. It's also important to feel that you are useful to the event, it's fulfilling.

My tasks at the festival: Setting up the shelves of the DVD shop, which is also called montage. I also take part in welcoming and seating the public in various theatres, especially for the different events.

My best memory of the festival: Since it's my first festival, the best is yet to come! I told my girlfriend so much about the festival, that she wants to join the volunteer team next year!


Antoine Rouche

Interview by Laura Lépine


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