Invitation to Jean-François Stévenin


A prolific actor (200+ films), Stévenin has also been assistant director to Cavalier, Truffaut, Rivette and Rozier. He comes to Lumière as a filmmaker, to introduce the three movies he has directed, just newly restored by Le Pacte: Mountain Pass, Double Gentlemen and Mischka.


MISCHKA 2002 02



Mountain Pass (Passe-montagne, 1978, 1h53)
After Georges' vehicle breaks down in the Jura, he meets Serge, who proposes to help him out. An offbeat friendship begins... A wandering picture amid Nature that is omnipresent, unclassifiable and poetic. With Jean-François Stévenin and Jacques Villeret.
Institut Lumière Mon. 16 at 3:45pm I Pathé Bellecour Tue. 17 at 5:15pm

Double Gentlemen (Double Messieurs, 1986, 1h30)
Francois, Léo and Kuntchinski are childhood friends. Twenty-five years down the road, François is reunited with Léo and the pair decides to go in search of Kuntchinski... A loosely-plotted and original film. With Yves Afonso, Carole Bouquet, Jean-François Stévenin.
Comœdia Sun. 15 at 4:30pm I Lumière Terreaux Mon. 16 at 4:45pm I Villa Lumière Sun. 22 at 2:30pm

Mischka (2002, 1h57)
Mischka is abandoned at a highway rest stop by his family. The old man is picked up by Gégène, who takes him on a crazy adventure... A sunny work, an ode to the family that one chooses. With Jean-Paul Roussillon.
UGC Astoria Mon. 16 at 8:30pm I Cinéma St-Denis Tue. 17 at 8:30pm


Meet Jean-François Stévenin

Comédie Odéon Tue. 17 at 3pm

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