Mifc 2017
Marché International du Film Classique

Save the date:  5th edition of the International Classic Film Market!

anniversary edition!

The annual meeting of professionals from the heritage film industry organized within the framework of the festival Lumière.

In Lyon, where the Cinématographe was born, from tuesday, 17th to friday, 20th october 2017

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news and dePloyment of the mifC:

4 full days, expansion of spaces, a new dedicated screening room, international guests, a spotlight on European countries, specialized programming and essential tools to strengthen your business!



bouton-MIFC  Benefit from the riGht faCilities:

New spaces and an enlarged area to organize your meetings and commercial operations: a screening room dedicated to screenings and demos, a transformable – for conference or receptions – room, exhibition booths, an equipped meeting room and privileged spaces for  one-to-ones.

bouton-MIFC  Gain aCCess  to enhanCed ProGramminG:

4 days of debates, roundtables, panoramas and focus. The MIFC offers you specialized content, in the form of sharing experiences, practical cases and meetings. Strengthen your legal knowledge, update your technical knowledge and boost your artistic content with experienced speakers!

bouton-MIFC  exPand your network:

Sellers (right-holders, catalog-holders, producers, distributors), buyers (TV channels, VOD and SVOD platforms, DVD and Bluray publishers), technical and service providers (laboratories, software publishers, lawyers), broadcasters (exhibitors, festivals, cinematheques), funders, institutions, project promoters: the MIFC is THE global meeting place for all actors in the industry chain.




to outline the ProGramminG:

foCus on the doCumentaries on Cinema:

Events and meetings around the film documentary:  how to make, finance and broadcast a documentary about cinema? A study of existing and emerging devices with the main players of the production line: producers, financiers, directors, distributors.

Zoom on euroPe:

3 European countries will be honored this year: Greece, Hungary and Latvia. sharing of experiences guaranteed! Come talk with the project initiatorsof these countries which will present the practices, their means, their vision.

a larGe meetinG with the exhiBitors:

Dedicated programming, roundtables on programming and facilitating heritage cinema in theaters, meetings with distributors, and son on. The MIFC wishes to be a platform for echanges and reflexions for the exhibitors and all for those heritage cinema lives and has to live in movie theaters! In collaboration with the AFCAE and the ADRC.

meetinG of the video PuBlishinG:

Video publishers and distributors are invited around the biggest international ephemeral DVD store, in order to discuss together the novelties and mutations of an industry in full reinvention.

foCus on vod and svod:

Their use is controversial but they are already unavoidable! How platforms reinvent the international film landscape. A focus on the new practices of viewing, study of the new stakes of the digital age!

sPotliGht on the Cinema of animation:

For the first time the MIFC will invite the professionals of the cinema of animation to discuss film conservation, restoration and broadcast their heritage. In collaboration with CITIA and Cinémathèque Québécoise.

and still...

The meeting of distributors, heritage cinema on television, public and professional platforms of heritage cinema, analysis of recent restorations, legal roundtable with the SACD, technical update with labs and technical service providers at the forefront of technology!


>> See the detailed program of the 2016 MFC here





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From 04/07 to 20/08: 120 €
From 21/08 to 15/09: 150 €
From 15/09 onwards: 200 €



ContaCt us:

General Coordination

Juliette Rajon ( - +33 4 78 78 54 75)

Programming Coordination
Gérald Duchaussoy ( - + 33 6 13 50 68 26)
Anaïs Desrieux ( - + 33 4 78 78 18 76 )

Accreditations and Commercial offers
Cécile Dumas ( - +33 6 47 80 61 82)

Clémentine Bouché-Bulle ( - +33 4 78 78 54 70)




participants-MFCThey were registered for the 2016 edition
>> Find HERE the list of companies registered for the 2016 MFC


exposantsExhibitors participating in the 2016 edition
>> Find HERE the list of companies registered for the 2016 MFC


distributeurs-MFCDistributors' meeting participants 2016
>> Discover HERE the companies participating in the 2016 edition




The Marché International du Film Classique is supported by 

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