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Mo-Ajok Clarisse Weazie

PostED ON 17.10.2023


Quick bio: Originally from Bamenda in Cameroon, Mo-Ajok Clarisse Weazie lived several lives before joining the team of festival volunteers. With a degree in geology, the young woman worked in the hotel industry for ten years. In 2019, she moved to Lyon, where she became a home care assistant, an obvious choice for this luminous forty-something who loves "meeting and helping people". As a member of the Government Bilingual High School (GBHS) alumni association in Cameroon, Mo-Ajok Clarisse has been involved in the collection of school supplies for several years. So when the Passerelles Buissonnières association in Lyon asked her to join the Lumière film festival as a volunteer two years ago, the radiant young woman didn't hesitate for a second.

My favourite filmmakers: I discovered Tim Burton at the festival last year and I loved his films, especially “Edward Scissorhands”; the film is all about tolerance, and I really identified with the story. And since I'm an absolute fan of Belmondo, I love Philippe de Broca's films, like "Le Magnifique". The scene where Belmondo comes out of the swimming pool is really something! And I also love Sylvester Stallone!

The movie theatre where I discovered the cinema: I was twelve years old - when I got out of school, my mother took me to the "Roxi Cinéma" in Bamenda as a treat. I remember being impressed - I felt like the characters were going to come out of the screen! The very next day, I told all my classmates about the experience!

My favourite film: "The Lion of the Desert” by Moustapha Akkad, starring Anthony Quinn. It was my grandfather, Mathias, who introduced me to this very political film; he always told me that I should watch constructive works, be they in the cinema or on television.

Why I volunteer: What I enjoy most is meeting people and helping them, perhaps because of my experience in the hotel industry. I like the mix of cultures at this festival. It's also a way for me to fit in. What's more, I'd like to encourage African immigrants to discover the festival and, why not, participate as a volunteer.



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