Invitation to Jerzy Skolimowski

The unclassifiable Polish filmmaker, a great moralist, will present the restored print of Barrier, a 1966 fable about a rebellious youth, typical of the "new waves" of Eastern Europe, and his delectable animalistic apologue, EO, which won a prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.


Films presented


Barrier by Jerzy Skolimowski (Bariera, 1966, 1h18)
Poland, 1960s. On the spur of the moment, a young man drops everything and wanders around the big city... A fascinating, cynical and visually inventive film, structured as a reconstruction of the protagonist’s mental universe.
Pathé Bellecour Wed19 5pm | Lumière Terreaux Thu20 11am

by Jerzy Skolimowski (2022, 1h27)
Donkey EO is the star of a travelling circus show. Freed by activists, EO sees his life deteriorate in the course of his experiences... Surprisingly captivating, astonishing and moving, the film received the Jury Prize at the last Cannes Film Festival.
Comœdia Tue18 7pm


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