Invitation to Nicolas Winding Refn

The director of Drive has a double mission: unveil the premiere of his crime series Copenhagen Cowboy and screen the restoration, which he financed, of Therese and Isabelle (1968), by New Yorker Radley Metzger, a sulphurous adaptation of Violette Leduc’s work.



Films presented


Therese and Isabelle by Radley Metzger (1968, 1h58, VFSTA)
Two young girls awaken to their sexuality in a boarding school... An adaptation of the erotic novel by Violette Leduc, which was first censored in 1955 before finally being published in several editions in the 1960s.
Pathé Bellecour Thu20 8:45pm | Cinéma Opéra Sat22 10pm

Copenhagen Cowboy A 6-episode series by Nicolas Winding Refn (2022, 5h)
The wanderings of Miu, a young and mysterious protagonist, in the criminal world of Copenhagen... The new sensational neo-noir series by Nicolas Winding Refn.
UGC Confluence Sat22 6pm

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