Jeanne Moreau director

Magnificent in the films of Louis Malle (Elevator to the Gallows/Frantic, The Lovers), Jeanne Moreau lent her talent to the greatest filmmakers: François Truffaut, Luis Buñuel or Joseph Losey. From 1976, she directed three films, which have become very scarce. Discover these motion pictures in restored prints, thanks to the work of the Jeanne Moreau Fund and Carlotta Films.


Lumiere by Jeanne Moreau (1976, 1h41, VFSTA)
Four actresses of different ages and origins are brought together to talk about their professional and emotional careers... For her first work as a director, Jeanne Moreau films the intensity of the artists with sincerity.
Lumière Terreaux Sun16 2pm | Institut Lumière Thu20 11:15am | Villa Lumière Fri21 9:30pm

The Adolescent
by Jeanne Moreau (1979, 1h33, VFSTA)
In 1939, Marie spends her vacation at her grandmother’s, where she becomes passionately taken with a young doctor. Poetic and nostalgic, this coming-of-age story tells of the end of childhood and the imminent destruction of a gentle and peaceful world.
Villa Lumière Mon17 6pm | Comœdia Tue18 4:45pm | Villa Lumière Thu20 8pm

Lillian Gish Documentary by Jeanne Moreau (1984, 58min)
Jeanne Moreau meets Lillian Gish and asks her about her beginnings in Hollywood in the 1910s, about her work with Griffith... A precious testament.
Villa Lumière Thu20 9:30am

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