Become a Volunteer at the Lumière festival 2024

We hope to count many of you among us for the next edition !

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Festival Lumière


22OCT Cloture Sandrine Thesillat BENEVOLES 2023
Volunteers at the Lumière festival 2023 - Photo : Sandrine Thesillat / JL Mège Photgraphies

Volunteers at the Lumière festival

The festival has maintained a friendly and human spirit thanks to the involvement of its team of volunteers. Volunteers provide an essential support system, integral to the success of the festival, and bring their energy and skills to a wide range of tasks:

• work both before and during the festival
• participation at all sites of the festival- in the movie theatres, at the evening event reception areas and at the Day Village.
• welcoming the public and guests, help with distributing communication...

Volunteer profiles are varied: women and men, of all ages, students, retired persons, job-seekers, or in professional integration programs, they’re from Lyon and Greater Lyon, they perform their duties with enthusiasm and efficiency, fully dedicated to the festival, its public and its guests.

It is worth noting the strong student participation and active workers, who represent 32% and 36% of volunteers respectively.



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