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Opening film

L’Innocent by Louis Garrel (2022, 1h40, VFSTA)

Tim Burton Lumière Award honouree 2022

Feature films
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure by Tim Burton (1985, 1h31)
Beetlejuice by Tim Burton (1988, 1h32)
Batman by Tim Burton (1989, 2h06)
Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton (1990, 1h45)
Batman Returns by Tim Burton (1992, 2h06)
Ed Wood by Tim Burton (1994, 2h07)
Mars Attacks! by Tim Burton (1996, 1h45)
Sleepy Hollow by Tim Burton (1999, 1h45, int -12ans)
Big Fish by Tim Burton (2004, 2h05)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Tim Burton (2005, 1h55)
Corpse Bride by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson (2005, 1h17)
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street by Tim Burton (2007, 1h56, int -12ans)
Frankenweenie by Tim Burton (2012, 1h27)
Big Eyes by Tim Burton (2014, 1h47)
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Tim Burton (2016, 2h07)
Dumbo by Tim Burton (2019, 1h52)
Story and characters
The Nightmare Before Christmas by Henry Selick (1993, 1h16)
Short film
Vincent by Tim Burton (1982, 6min)
Master class
Conversation with Tim Burton

Louis Malle, the solitary figure of French cinema

Elevator to the Gallows/Frantic by Louis Malle (1958, 1h33)
The Lovers by Louis Malle (1958, 1h31)
Zazie dans le métro by Louis Malle (1960, 1h33)
The Fire Within by Louis Malle (1963, 1h49)
Viva Maria! by Louis Malle (1965, 1h57)
The Thief of Paris by Louis Malle (1967, 2h02)
Spirits of the Dead by Louis Malle, Roger Vadim, Federico Fellini (1968, 2h01)
Murmur of the Heart by Louis Malle (1971, 1h59)
Lacombe, Lucien by Louis Malle (1974, 2h18)
Black Moon by Louis Malle (1975, 1h41)
Pretty Baby by Louis Malle (1978, 1h50, int -16ans)
Atlantic City by Louis Malle (1980, 1h45)
My Dinner with Andre by Louis Malle (1981, 1h50)
Goodbye, Children/Au revoir les enfants by Louis Malle (1987, 1h44)
May Fools by Louis Malle (1990, 1h47)
Vanya on 42nd Street by Louis Malle (1994, 1h59)
Short film
Vive le Tour by Louis Malle (1962, 18min)

Sidney Lumet, le prince de New York

Twelve Angry Men by Sidney Lumet (1957, 1h37)
The Fugitive Kind by Sidney Lumet (1960, 2h01, int -16ans)
Fail Safe by Sidney Lumet (1964, 1h51)
The Pawnbroker by Sidney Lumet (1964, 1h55)
The Hill by Sidney Lumet (1965, 2h03, int -12ans)
The Anderson Tapes by Sidney Lumet (1971, 1h39)
The Offence by Sidney Lumet (1973, 1h52)
Serpico by Sidney Lumet (1973, 2h10)
Murder on the Orient Express by Sidney Lumet (1974, 2h08)
Dog Day Afternoon by Sidney Lumet (1975, 2h04)
Network by Sidney Lumet (1976, 2h02)
Equus by Sidney Lumet (1977, 2h18, int -12ans)
Running on Empty by Sidney Lumet (1988, 1h56)
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead by Sidney Lumet (2007, 1h57)
With the participation of Sidney Lumet
King: A Filmed Record... Montgomery to Memphis by Ely Landau and Richard Kaplan (1969, 3h02 - 1st part 1h18, 2nd part 1h37)
Documentary on Sidney Lumet
By Sidney Lumet by Nancy Buirski (2015, 1h50)

Permanent History of Women Filmmakers: Mai Zetterling

Loving Couples by Mai Zetterling (Älskande par, 1964, 1h58, int -16ans)
Night Games by Mai Zetterling (Nattlek, 1966, 1h45, int -16ans)
The Girls by Mai Zetterling (Flickorna, 1968, 1h40)
Amorosa by Mai Zetterling (1986, 1h57)

André De Toth’s Hungarian films

Wedding in Toprin by André De Toth (Toprini nász, 1939, 1h21)
The Five-Forty by André De Toth (5 óra 40, 1939, 1h20)
Two Girls on the Street by André De Toth (Két lány az utcán, 1939, 1h24)
Six Weeks of Happiness by André De Toth (Hat hét boldogság, 1939, 1h16)
Semmelweis by André De Toth (1939, 1h18)

Sublimes Moments of Silent Film

Film-concert at the Auditorium of Lyon
Dans la nuit by Charles Vanel (1930, 1h30, VFSTA)
Other silent films in film-concert
Go and Get It by Marshall Neilan and Henry Robert Symonds (1920, 1h30)
Three Ages de Buster Keaton and Eddie Cline (1923, 1h19)
The Cursed Village de Florián Rey (La aldea maldita, 1930, 1h15)


Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino (1994, 2h33, int -12ans)
Hate (La Haine) by Mathieu Kassovitz (1995, 1h40)
Lost Highway by David Lynch (1997, 2h15, int -12ans)
Scream by Wes Craven (1997, 1h52, int -12ans)
The Big Lebowski by Joel Coen (1998, 1h57)
Fight Club by David Fincher (1999, 2h19, int -16ans)
Interstellar by Christopher Nolan (2014, 2h49)

Big classics in black and white

Casablanca by Michael Curtiz (1942, 1h42)
Shoeshine by Vittorio De Sica (Sciuscià, 1946, 1h33)
Casque d'or by Jacques Becker (1952, 1h36, VFSTA)
Some Like It Hot by Billy Wilder (1959, 2h02)
Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock (1960, 1h48)
Yojimbo by Akira Kurosawa (1961, 1h50)
The Executioner by Luis García Berlanga (El verdugo, 1963, 1h28)

Special guests of the festival

James Gray

Little Odessa by James Gray (1994, 1h38, int -12ans)
We Own the Night by James Gray (2007, 1h57)
Two Lovers by James Gray (2008, 1h50)
The Lost City of Z by James Gray (2017, 2h21)
Armageddon Time by James Gray (2022, 1h55)
Master class
Meet with James Gray

Marlène Jobert

Don’t Take God’s Children for Wild Geese by Michel Audiard (1968, 1h23, VFSTA)
Rider on the Rain by René Clément (1970, 2h)
We Won’t Grow Old Together by Maurice Pialat (1972, 1h47, VFSTA)
C'est moi... Marlène Jobert by Dominique Besnehard (2022, 52min)
Master class
Meet with Marlène Jobert

Lee Chang-dong

Peppermint Candy by Lee Chang-dong (Bakha satang, 1999, 2h10)
Oasis by Lee Chang-dong (Oasiseu, 2002, 2h13)
Poetry by Lee Chang-dong (Shi, 2010, 2h19)
Burning by Lee Chang-dong (Beoning, 2018, 2h28)
Court métrage inédit
Heartbeat by Lee Chang-dong (2022, 28min)
Lee Chang-dong: The Art of Irony by Alain Mazars (2022, 1h)
Master class
Meet with Lee Chang-dong

Nicole Garcia

A Captain’s Honor by Pierre Schoendoerffer (1982, 1h57)
Every Other Weekend by Nicole Garcia (1990, 1h37)
From the Land of the Moon by Nicole Garcia (2016, 2h01, VFSTA)
Master class
Meet with Nicole Garcia

Alejandro González Iñárritu

Bardo: False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths by Alejandro González Iñárritu
(Bardo, falsa crónica de unas cuantas verdades, 2022, 2h43)

Jerzy Skolimowski

Barrier by Jerzy Skolimowski (Bariera, 1966, 1h18)
EO by Jerzy Skolimowski (2022, 1h27)

Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson (2022, 1h52)

Monica Bellucci

The Girl in the Fountain by Antongiulio Panizzi (2021, 1h20)
Master class
Meet with Monica Bellucci

Nicolas Winding Refn

Therese and Isabelle by Radley Metzger (1968, 1h58, VFSTA)
Copenhagen Cowboy - Series, 6 episodes by Nicolas Winding Refn (2022, 5h)

Claude Lelouch: 60 years of cinema

Live for Life by Claude Lelouch (1967, 2h11)
Master class
Meet with Claude Lelouch


Other premieres

Forever Young by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (2022, 2h05, VFSTA)
More Than Ever by Emily Atef (2022, 2h02)
The Wonder by Sebastián Lelio (2022, 1h43)
Feminist Riposte by Simon Depardon and Marie Perennès (2022, 1h27, VFSTA)
The Fabelmans by Steven Spielberg (2022, 2h31)

Events and Celebrations

Eastwood Symphonic at the Auditorium of Lyon

Concert Eastwood Symphonic with the National Orchestra national of Lyon and the Kyle Eastwood Quintet 

40 years of Reds!

Reds by Warren Beatty (1981, 3h15)

Memories of Bertrand Tavernier

"Bertrand Tavernier: the love of jazz" - Concert: Henri Texier and his Trio
Round Midnigh
 by Bertrand Tavernier (1986, 2h11)

Earth !

Meet with Cyril Dion about his new project, Newtopia
Soylent Green by Richard Fleischer (1973, 1h37)

Gérard Philipe Centenary

Knave of Hearts/Lovers, Happy Lovers! by René Clément (1954, 1h44)
Gérard Philipe, le dernier hiver du Cid by Patrick Jeudy (2022, 1h06, VFSTA)

Dalida and the Cinema

Meet about Dalida and the cinema
The Sixth Day by Youssef Chahine (Al-yawm al-Sadis, 1986, 1h45)

Two icons

Jeanne Moreau, director

Lumiere by Jeanne Moreau (1976, 1h41, VFSTA)
The Adolescent by Jeanne Moreau (1979, 1h33, VFSTA)
Lillian Gish by Jeanne Moreau (documentary, 1984, 58min)

Meiko Kaji, Lady Scorpion

Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion by Shun'ya Ito (Joshu 701-go: Sasori, 1972, 1h27)
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 by Shun'ya Ito (Joshu sasori: Dai-41 zakkyo-bo, 1972, 1h29)
Lady Snowblood by Toshiya Fujita (Shurayuki-hime, 1973, 1h37)

Lumière Classics

French films
Stormy Waters by Jean Grémillon (1941, 1h24, VFSTA)
Madame du Barry by Christian-Jaque (1954, 1h46)
Be Beautiful but Shup Up by Marc Allégret (1958, 1h52)
The Road to Shame by Édouard Molinaro (1959, 1h25, VFSTA)
Anatomy of a Marriage: My Days with Françoise by André Cayatte (1964, 1h38, VFSTA)
Anatomy of a Marriage: My Days with Jean-Marc by André Cayatte (1964, 1h40, VFSTA)
The Breach/The Breakup by Claude Chabrol (1970, 2h05)
My Little Loves by Jean Eustache (1974, 2h03, VFSTA)
Bad Blood by Leos Carax (1986, 1h59)

Foreign films
Under Secret Orders by Edmond T. Gréville (1937, 1h30)
The Long Night by Anatole Litvak (1947, 1h41)
Ordet by Carl Theodor Dreyer (1955, 2h06)
Fantastic Voyage by Richard Fleischer (1966, 1h40)
Is Paris Burning? by René Clément (1966, 2h53)
Buck and the Preacher by Sidney Poitier (1972, 1h42)
Dirty Money by Denys Arcand (1972, 1h41)
Ludwig by Luchino Visconti (1973, 3h58)
Lúcio Flávio by Hector Babenco (Lúcio Flávio o passageiro da agonia, 1977, 2h01)
The Outsiders: The Complete Novel by  Francis Ford Coppola (1983, 1h55)
The Last Emperor by Bernardo Bertolucci (The Last Emperor, 1987, 2h45)
The Cruel Embrace by Marion Hänsel (1987, 1h39, int -12ans, VFSTA)
The Poeple vs. Larry Flynt by Milos Forman (1996, 2h09)

Treasures and curiosities

Tana by Kristaq Dhamo (1958, 1h38)
Prípad pre obhajcu by Martin Hollý (1964, 1h30)
United States
Nothing But a Man by Michael Roemer (1964, 1h30)
The Little Brother by Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov (Bratan, 1990, 1h37)
Kisapmata by Mike De Leon (1981, 1h38)
Barrier by Jerzy Skolimowski (Bariera, 1966, 1h18)
Cut-Throats Nine by Joaquín Romero Marchent (Condenados a vivir, 1972, 1h27)
Burkina Faso
Wendemi, l'enfant du Bon Dieu by S. Pierre Yameogo (1993, 1h35)
Czech Republic
The Joke by Jaromil Jireš (Žert, 1968, 1h21)
Castle of Blood by Antonio Margheriti (Danza macabra, 1963, 1h31)
United States
Dementia by John Parker (1955, 56min)
Time to Love by Metin Erksan (Sevmek Zamani, 1965, 1h30)

Tim Burton All-nighter at the Halle Tony Garnier

Beetlejuice by Tim Burton (1988, 1h32)
Ed Wood by Tim Burton (1994, 2h07)
Mars Attacks! by Tim Burton (1996, 1h45)
Sleepy Hollow by Tim Burton (1999, 1h45, int -12ans)

The Lumière festival for children

The Nightmare Before Christmas - in VF by Henry Selick (1993, 1h16)
To be discovered with the whole family
Three Ages by Buster Keaton and Eddie Cline (1923, 1h19)
Goodbye, Children/Au revoir les enfants by Louis Malle (1987, 1h44)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - in VF by Tim Burton (2005, 1h55)
Corpse Bride - in VF by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson (2005, 1h17)
Frankenweenie - in VF by Tim Burton (2012, 1h27)
Dumbo - in VF by Tim Burton (2019, 1h52)

Documentaries on the cinema

The Girl in the Fountain by Antongiulio Panizzi (2021, 1h20)
C'est moi... Marlène Jobert by Dominique Besnehard (2022, 52min)
Lee Chang-dong: The Art of Irony by Alain Mazars (2022, 1h)
Gérard Philipe, le dernier hiver du Cid by Patrick Jeudy (2022, 1h06, VFSTA)
Tanaka, une femme dont on parle by Pascal-Alex Vincent (2022, 52min)
Étienne Chatiliez - Juste une mise au point by Sébastien Labadie (2022, 1h02)
Godard seul le cinéma by Cyril Leuthy (2022, 1h30, VFSTA)
Le Mystère Cremer by Sandra Marti (2022, 52min)
Europa Maudits: Metropolis by Claudia Collao (2022, 52min)




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