Documentaries on the Cinema

To immerse yourself in the history of cinema, discover a selection of never-before-seen documentaries, screened ahead of their broadcast/release. Fascinating stories, biographies, archive images, major interviews...


The Girl in the Fountain  by Antongiulio Panizzi (2021, 1h20)
Combining archival footage and scenes re-enacted by Monica Bellucci, the documentary traces the extraordinary destiny of Anita Ekberg. A double portrait of actresses, of women exploring their femininity, their celebrity and iconic status.
Pathé Bellecour Sat 22 5pm

C’est moi... Marlène Jobert by Dominique Besnehard (2022, 52min)
A lively documentary on actress Marlène Jobert, based on archival footage and interviews reflecting her strong popularity, thanks to her personality and the roles she played.
Villa Lumière Fri 21 12am

Lee Chang-dong: The Art of Irony by Alain Mazars (2022, 1h06, VFSTA)
A documentary on one of the greatest Korean filmmakers of our time, as explored through his feature films and writings.
Villa Lumière Sun 16 2:30pm (followed by Heartbeat, 28min)

Gérard Philipe, le dernier hiver du Cid by Patrick Jeudy (2021, 52 min)
Gérard Philipe, at his zenith, is struck down by a devastating illness... A documentary based on the book by Jérôme Garcin.
Institut Lumière Tu 18 4:15pm

Kinuyo Tanaka, une femme dont on parle by Pascal-Alex Vincent (2022, 52 min)
The retrospective in Kinuyo Tanaka’s honour was a highlight of Lumière 2021. The documentary helps us better understand the path taken by the huge actress of Japanese cinema, who decided, in the early 1950s, to step behind the camera.
Villa Lumière Mon 17 2:30pm

Étienne Chatiliez – Juste une mise au point by Sébastien Labadie (2022, 1h02)
Mixing interviews, archival footage and film excerpts, this documentary focuses on the career of director Étienne Chatiliez. A work that highlights his substantial filmography, punctuated by classic French comedies.
Villa Lumière Sat 15 12:30pm

Godard seul le cinéma by Cyril Leuthy (2022, 1h30, VFSTA)
A documentary about the very recently departed emblematic figure of the New Wave. A sensitive portrait that seeks to go beyond the Godard legend....
Pathé Bellecour Wed 19 2:45pm

Le Mystère Cremer by Sandra Marti (2022, 52min)
A documentary featuring testimonies from Costa-Gavras, Jacques Perrin, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne and others, recounting the career of Bruno Cremer.
Villa Lumière Thu 20 2pm

Europa Maudits : Metropolis by Claudia Collao (2022, 52min)
Although Metropolis by Fritz Lang was a visionary masterpiece, it was also a financial disaster and the source of chaos and human misfortune. A warped mirror image of a changing Germany in this documentary that focuses on a monumental classic of the 7th art...
Villa Lumière Fri 21 2:15pm

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