Lumière Classics

 2. Treasures & Curiosities

The Lumière Classics label continues, as we turn our focus towards the Treasures & Curiosities section. Comprised of fourteen restored films this year, most will be screened as premieres.

Tresors Et CuriositesTreasures & Curiosities brings together little-known or forgotten films, giving audiences a chance to immerse themselves in vital works of cinematography or (re)discover moments of motion picture history. The Lumière film festival salutes the film libraries and archives around the world for their restoration work, which brings to life classic cinema, "their" classic cinema. All the films below bear the Lumière Classics label.

VFSTA - Film in French, subtitled in English

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South Korea
A Hometown Heart
by Yoon Yong-gyu
(Ma-eum-ui go-hyang, 1949, 1h18) – Black and white – 1.85:1
Restoration by the Korean Film Archive and Image Power Station

Somewhere between Buddhist philosophy and the Do-seong cult, an orphan entrusted to a Buddhist temple becomes attached to a young widow who has come to mourn the recent death of her son... While today’s productions are receiving glorious accolades, Korea’s cinema also has a prestigious past.
Cinq tulipes rouges
by Jean Stelli
(1949, 1h37, VFSTA) - Colour – 1.37:1
4K Pathé restoration

Female journalist "Colonelle" and Chief Inspector Honoré Ricoul attempt to unmask the killer who committed five murders during the 1948 Tour de France, each death “signed” with a red tulip... An unexpected thriller set in the world of cycling.


The Village
by Leopold Lindtberg
(Sie fanden eine Heimat, 1953, 1h33) –
Black and white – 1.37:1
4K restoration by the Cinémathèque Suisse with the collaboration of the SRF and the support of Memoriav

In a Swiss village created just for them, war orphans from all over Europe await the day when children from all over the world will unite in a common friendship... A formidable œuvre that conveys a message of peace between nations.
Man on Pink Corner
by René Mugica
(Hombre de la esquina rosada, 1962, 1h11) –
Black and white – 1.66:1
4K Cubic restoration, in partnership with the Society for Audiovisual Heritage and the support of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Culture

"El Corralero", a former hitman, is released from prison and determined to clean up his act. But fate has other plans when it comes to avenging his former cellmate... This Argentinian classic, a tale of ruffians and tango, is a successful adaptation of Jose-Luis Borges’ story.


Enchanted Isles
by Carlos Vilardebó
(As ilhas encantadas, 1965, 1h30) – Colour – 1.85:1
Restoration by the Cinemateca Portuguesa - Museu do Cinema as part of the FILMar project, supported by the European Economic Area

Pierre, a French sailor, lands on a desert island, where he discovers Hunila, who has survived alone for years after the death of her family... This work of Portuguese cinema presents formal elegance with airs of a reverie.
Dragon’s Return
by Eduard Grečner
(Drak sa vracia, 1968, 1h25) – Black and white – 1.66:1
Restoration by the Slovak Film Institute

In a small world ruled by superstition, a reclusive potter nicknamed "Dragon" is forced into exile. Years later, he returns to the village... The film’s lyrical flights of fancy are portrayed in magnificent black and white.


United States
by David Schickele
(1971, 1h15) – Black and white – 1.66:1
4K restoration by the University of California, Berkeley, the Art Museum, the Pacific Film Archive and the Film Foundation.
Theatrical re-release and DVD edition available in early 2024 from Malavida

In San Francisco, the film recounts the adventures of Gabriel, a young Nigerian who reflects the tribal, personal and racial frictions of the turbulent year of 1968... Schickele, a brilliant jack-of-all-trades (poet, writer, lyricist and cineaste), uses his film as an instrument to fight against the violence of American society.
The Grand Duel
by Giancarlo Santi
(Il grande duello, 1972, 1h38) – Colour – 2.35:1
Restoration by the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna in collaboration with Surf Film with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture

Philip Vermeer is accused of having killed Saxon, the patriarch of a powerful clan. While on the run, he encounters Sheriff Clayton, who helps him get out of a complicated situation... From the founding year of the festival, we featured our first restorations by Sergio Leone. Ever since, there has never been a proper Lumière film festival without an Italian western… including this one, starring Lee Van Cleef, no less!


The Hourglass Sanatorium
by Wojciech Has
(Sanatorium pod Klepsydrą, 1973, 2h04) – Colour – 1.85:1
4K Fixafilm restoration

Józef visits his father in a sanatorium that has the look of a darkly sinister palace, where time seems to be delayed. Venturing into the vast house, Józef sees his double appear... Krakow filmmaker Wojciech Has produced a labyrinthine journey, oscillating between dreamlike and nightmarish visions.
The Garden that Tilts
by Guy Gilles
(Le Jardin qui bascule, 1975, 1h32) – Colour – 1.33:1
4K restoration by TF1 Studio Blu-Ray edition by Arte Video

Two idle youngsters hired as hitmen succeed in getting themselves invited to the villa of the woman they have been assigned to kill... Starring the incomparable Delphine Seyrig, the film is a hauntingly melancholy and poetic work directed by Guy Gilles, the uncontested star of French cinema…


A Woman Heats the Sauna
by Arvo Kruusement
(Naine kütab sauna, 1979, 1h09) – Black and white – 2.39:1 Restoration by the Estonian Film Institute

In the midst of winter, Anu is given the task of heating up a sauna in preparation to receive foreigners. Various memories of her former life begin to resurface... Awarded Best Actress at the first festival of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1980, the work paints a superb portrait of a woman. Not to be missed!
Maybe Tomorrow
by Judit Elek
(Majd holnap, 1980, 1h45) – Colour – 1.37:1
4K restoration by the National Film Institute Hungary-Film Archive

Eszter and István rendezvous every day in a flat where they love each other passionately. Nevertheless, they each have a family... From the great Judit Elek, whose work has finally resurfaced, a film of merciless lucidity, like a secret mirror of Hungarian society at the time.


A Tale from the Past
by Dhimitër Anagnosti
(Përralle nga e kaluara, 1987, 1h28) – Colour – 1.85:1
2K restoration by the Albanian Film Archive

Despite being in love with a man from her village, Marigo, a young woman of 20, is forcibly married off to Gjino, a 14-year-old boy from a more affluent family... A caustic critique of arranged marriages in the Balkans, this classic of Albanian cinema returns to the big screen.
by Raymond Rajaonarivelo
(1988, 1h16) – Colour – 1.66:1
Restoration by the Cinémathèque française, the Cinémathèque Afrique of the Institut français and Raymond Rajaonarivelo with the support of Hiventy

In a village in Madagascar, a Malagasy from the city brings ideas of independence with him. He can do nothing without the support of all the Malagasy people... An intimate story at the heart of History, by a director who will forever bear witness to the Malagasy uprising of 1947 against the colonial regime.




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