Delving into ecological issues, Cyril Dion will present his new project, Newtopia, a production company that proposes ambitious stories to imagine a sustainable world. To complement the event, a special screening of Soylent Green by Richard Fleischer, a 1973 futuristic picture where humans have used up all natural resources by 2022...


Films presented


A conversation with Cyril Dion on the theme of Newtopia
Pathé Bellecour Wed 19 3pm

Soylent Green by Richard Fleischer (Soleil vert, 1973, 1h37)
Humans have used up all the earth’s natural resources and only "Soylent Green’ feeds the population... This futuristic sci-fi film is the first to evoke a climatic and environmental catastrophe bordering on the apocalypse. Directed in 1973, the story takes place in… 2022.
Pathé Bellecour Wed 19 7pm | UGC Confluence Thu 20 10:45am


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