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Yamanaka by Rintaro

Sadao Yamanaka was one of the leading Japanese directors of the 1930s, yet only three of his films were found. They will be re-released thanks to Bac Films. To pay tribute to this filmmaker, widely considered a genius, the master of Japanese animation Rintaro (Galaxy Express 999, Metropolis) has adapted one of his scripts into a magnificent short film, which he will be introducing in person!

Our thanks to Bac Films


Master class
Meet with Rintaro
Friday, October 20 at 11:15am at Pathé Bellecour
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Sazen Tange and the Pot Worth a Million Ryo by Sadao Yamanaka (Tange Sazen yowa: Hyakuman ryo no tsubo ?, 1935, 1h32) / Label Lumière Classics 2023
In an old pot, a man discovers a treasure map leading to a million ryo and sets out to find it... A samurai flick by the filmmaker who inspired a whole generation of Japanese directors.
Institut Lumière (Hangar) Thu 19 8:45pm | UGC Confluence Fri 20 3pm | Comœdia Sat 21 10:45am

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Nezumikozo Jirokichi by Rintaro (2023, 24min)
The virtuous bandit Jirokichi roams the city of Edo... Rintaro pays tribute to the film-maker Sadao Yamanaka by bringing to life one of his films that was destroyed during the war.


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