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A show created for the festival's fifteen-year history

Variations on Wanda by Barbara Loden
interpreted by Jeanne Cherhal

Music, readings, film projections

Saturday, October 21 at 6:45pm at the Institut Lumière (Hangar)

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Barbara Loden (1932-1980) was a shooting star. In the history of cinema, she left behind a sole film, Wanda, which has since become legendary. Loden both directed the movie and played the leading role of Wanda, a character on the edge in a headlong rush of destiny. Loden’s single film - or rather singular film –is a deeply personal, unique and extraordinary œuvre.

To celebrate Lumière 2023, Jeanne Cherhal, who has been performing cinema-themed songs in Lyon and throughout France in recent years, has created a variation on Wanda, her very own way of evoking the film, relating in song, music, readings and video projections the inspiration it gave her, including a first glimpse of documents such as the legendary interview Michel Ciment published in Positif.

In this unique, brand-new show, the artist-musician-performer (who is also starring in Joachim Lafosse's new film Un Silence with Emmanuelle Devos and Daniel Auteuil) takes us on a personal tour of a work that has fascinated Isabelle Huppert, who brought it back to the French public, and Nathalie Léger, who penned a biography, Suppléments à la vie de Barbara Loden, winner of the 2012 Prix du Livre Inter.

Special thanks to Ronald Chammah (Les Films du Camélia), Isabelle Huppert, Annie Ernaux and Nathalie Léger.



Variations on Wanda by Barbara Loden interpreted by Jeanne Cherhal - Music, readings, film projections (1h15)
In the presence of Jeanne Cherhal
Saturday, October 21 octobre at 6:45pm at the Institut Lumière (Hangar)


Wanda by Barbara Loden (1970, 1h37)
Wanda, a young, divorced woman with no ambitions and no life of her own, crosses paths with Dennis, a small-time thief, and becomes his accomplice... A unique and moving film by actress Barbara Loden.
Lumière Bellecour Wed 18 8:30pm | Institut Lumière (Villa) Sun 22 10:45am

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