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Yasujiro Ozu (1903-1963) became a favourite of many directors, including the 2023 Lumière Award recipient, Wim Wenders, who devoted a film to him, Tokyo-Ga, in 1985. To mark the 120th anniversary of Ozu’s birth and the 60th anniversary of his death, the festival is introducing six of his works in previously unseen restorations, ahead of a major retrospective to be held at the Lumière Institute this winter. Festivalgoers will be able to discover for the first time in French cinemas, A Hen in the Wind starring Kinuyo Tanaka, the actress and director who was honoured at the festival in 2021, or Dragnet Girl, a silent film that has not been seen for over 30 years. You can also enjoy There Was a Father in an exclusive new version, and other restorations including The Munakata Sisters and The End of Summer, an especially cherished movie by Ozu fans.

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Dragnet Girl by Yasujiro Ozu (Hijosen no onna, 1933, 1h41)
Doing her job as a secretary during the day, at night Tokiko is back with the gang of thugs led by her lover Joji. She watches over the dance hall run by these crooks... At the crossroads of genres, between thriller and melodrama, a Japanese crime film in the American style.
CC Institut Lumière (Hangar) Sat 21 11:30am

There Was a Father by Yasujiro Ozu (Chichi ariki, 1942, 1h32)
In a provincial town, Shuhei Horikawa, a widower and teacher, leads a modest life with Ryohei, his only son. During a school trip, a tragedy occurs that will lead to a separation... A sincere and moving work.
Lumière Terreaux Sun 15 2:15pm | Villeurbanne Mon 16 8:45pm | Pathé Bellecour Fri 20 10:45am

Record of a Tenement Gentleman by Yasujiro Ozu (Nagaya shinshiroku, 1947, 1h12)
A homeless boy wanders the streets of Tokyo. He is eventually entrusted to the care of a disgruntled widow who has never liked children... A bittersweet chronicle about the underclass on the outskirts of Tokyo. 
Institut Lumière (Villa) Sat 14 11am & Institut Lumière (Villa) Sat 14 11:15am | UGC Confluence Tue 17 4:15pm | Lumière Terreaux Sat 21 4pm

A Hen in the Wind by Yasujiro Ozu (Kaze no naka no mendori, 1948, 1h24)
Tokiko lives alone with her young son Hiroshi while waiting for her husband Shuichi to be repatriated from World War II. When her son falls ill, she has no choice but to turn to prostitution... With delicacy, Ozu films sadness and violence. A previously unreleased film.
Pathé Bellecour Wed 18 7:45pm | Lumière Terreaux Thu 19 11am | UGC Astoria Fri 20 6:45pm

The Munakata Sisters by Yasujiro Ozu (Munekata kyodai, 1950, 1h52)
Setsuko and Mariko are two sisters with nothing in common. One day, the outgoing Mariko tries to bring her married sister and one of her former suitors together... A sensitive family chronicle set in the immediate post-war period.
Comœdia Sun 15 11:15am | Institut Lumière (Hangar) Mon 16 9am | Lumière Terreaux Wed 18 9pm

The End of Summer by Yasujiro Ozu (Kohayagawa-ke no aki, 1961, 1h43)
Manbei is the owner of a small sake brewery and the father of three daughters. Worries arise when the patriarch visits a former mistress as his health begins to fail... Between humour and drama, a favourite film of Ozu admirers.
Lumière Terreaux Fri 20 2pm | Cinéma Opéra Sat 21 7pm | Comœdia Sun 22 11:15am

Shochiku and Toho restorations, distributed and released in France by Carlotta Films.
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