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Meet with Jonathan Glazer
Sunday, October 15 at 3pm at Pathé Bellecour
In the presence of Jonathan Glazer
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For the premieres (indicated by a ‘P’), we would like to thank the distributors Ad Vitam, Bac Films, Les Films du Losange, Gaumont, Haut et Court, Memento, Mk2, Netflix, New Story, Paramount, Pathé Distribution, Dulac Distribution, Universal, Urban Distribution, Wild Bunch.



Cercle Des Neiges C NETFLIX AFFICHE Fr Sots Main Vertical 27x40 Rgb Pre 1Society of the Snow by J.A. Bayona (La sociedad de la nieve, 2023, 2h24)
In 1972, flight 571 carrying a Uruguayan rugby team to Chile crashed in the Andes. Of the 45 passengers, 29 survived the accident... The incredible true story of survivors trapped in one of the most hostile and inaccessible environments on the planet.
Institut Lumière (Hangar) Mon 16 5:45pm | Pathé Bellecour Tue 17 10:45pm




CHIMERE 2023 Aff ITA 01La chimera d'Alice Rohrwacher (2023, 2h13)
Arthur, a former archaeological scholar, has just been released from prison. He meets up with a band of merry grave robbers in Tombaroli to dig up Etruscan antiquities... Meanwhile, Arthur is filled with longing, pining away for his long-lost love, Beniamina... A poetic contemporary adventure film starring Isabella Rosselini and Alba Rohrwacher.
Comœdia Thu 19 6:45pm




Passion Dodin BouffantThe Taste of Things by Tran Anh Hùng (2023, 2h14, VFSTA)
Eugénie (Juliette Binoche), an exceptional cook, and Dodin (Benoît Magimel), a famous gourmet, fall in love. As a declaration of his affection, Dodin does something he has never done before: cook for her... Filmed with virtuosity, gastronomy is elevated to the rank of a major art form.
Institut Lumière (Hangar) Tue 17 2pm




Second Tour Affiche 120x160 Rvb Web HdSecond tour by Albert Dupontel (2023, 1h36)
Miss Pove (Cécile de France), a political journalist demoted to cover football, is assigned to the presidential campaign between election rounds. She is unnerved by the favoured candidate (Albert Dupontel), whom she knows is not the exemplary man he appears to be. The suspicious circumstances prompt her to investigate... Astonishing and exhilarating!
Pathé Bellecour Thu 19 8:15pm




SIMPLE COMME SYLVAIN Affiche 120x160The Nature of Love by Monia Chokri (Simple comme Sylvain, 2023, 1h50)
Sylvia, a university professor, meets Sylvain, who has come to renovate her country home. It's love at first sight. Opposites attract, but can it last?... A delightful and charming comedy about romance and social norms.
Comœdia Fri 20 5pm




Zone Of Interest Cannes Image C Bac Films 2 The Zone of Interest by Jonathan Glazer (2023, 1h46)
The commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Höss, and his wife Hedwig try to build a dream life for their family in a house just adjacent to the concentration camp... A high-risk plunge into the banality of evil that won the Grand Prize at Cannes 2023.
Institut Lumière (Hangar) Sun 15 11:30am | Pathé Bellecour Sun 15 8:15pm

Affiche Un SilenceUn silence by Joachim Lafosse (2023, 1h40, VFSTA)
Silenced for 25 years, Astrid, the wife of a famous lawyer, sees her family's equilibrium collapse when her children start seeking justice... An anatomy of a couple brought to life by Daniel Auteuil and Emmanuelle Devos.
Pathé Bellecour Sun 15 3:30pm | Villeurbanne Sun 15 4:15pm




AFFICHE PICTURES OF GHOSTSjpeg 1Pictures of Ghosts by Kleber Mendonça Filho (Documentary, Retratos fantasmas, 2023, 1h33)
Today, Recife's city centre is a veritable archaeological site, revealing aspects of life in society that have now been lost. Mixing archival footage, fictional images and film extracts, Kleber Mendonça Filho reinvents his hometown and pays tribute to the movie theatre. 
Institut Lumière (Hangar) Wed 18 4pm



Le Petit BlondLe Petit blond de la casbah by Alexandre Arcady (2023, 2h08)
Accompanied by his young son, a director travels to Algiers to present his new film about his childhood in Algeria... A moving autobiographical tale starring Marie Gillain, Françoise Fabian and Pascal Elbé.
UGC Astoria Tue 17 6:45pm


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