Kenji Misumi All-Nighter – La lame à l’œil

Immerse yourself in the cinematographic beauty of Kenji Misumi (Baby Cart), a maestro of chambara, the Japanese sword film, during a dark and wild all-nighter. Discover new restorations of the first instalment of The Tale of Zatoichi and his Blade Trilogy on your nocturnal visit to the Lumière Institute.

Restoration 4K Kodawa

Limited Edition Collectors' Box Set of four films (Blu-ray and Blu-ray 4K-UHD) "Kenji Misumi, La lame à l'oeil", released on 22 November 2023 by The Jokers Films, complemented by a 52-page book by Robin Gatto featuring an analysis of the four films.

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To discover during a night at the Lumière Institute, Friday, October 20 at 10:30pm
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Tale of Zatoichi by Kenji Misumi (Zatôichi monogatari, 1962, 1h36) / Label Lumière Classics 2023
A blind man travels from town to town, making a living by playing dice and giving massages. Although seemingly harmless, he is secretly an expert swordsman... This was the first appearance of Zatoichi, a protagonist subsequently used by a dozen filmmakers in twenty-six films.
Institut Lumière (Hangar) Fri 20 10:30pm 1st film

Destiny’s Son 
by Kenji Misumi (Kiru, 1962, 1h11) / Label Lumière Classics 2023
The survivor of a massacre, Shingo was raised in the home of the Takakura samurai. As an adult, he has become invincible with the sword and participates in numerous battles... A powerful, fast-paced chambara with sharp camerawork.
Institut Lumière (Hangar) Fri 20 10:30pm 2nd film

The Sword by Kenji Misumi (Ken, 1964, 1h35) / Label Lumière Classics 2023
Kokubu, the master of a kendo club, practises the discipline with fervour. Mibu, a new member of the club, is completely in awe of him and goes so far as to imitate his way of life... A film reminiscent of the Japanese New Wave, based on a short story by Yukio Mishima.
Institut Lumière (Hangar) Fri 20 10:30pm 3rd film

Sword Devil by Kenji Misumi (Ken ki, 1965, 1h34) / Label Lumière Classics 2023
Hampei, an athletic young gardener, learns to wield a sword and proves to be a formidable assassin. He becomes the henchman of a great vassal... The final instalment of the Blade Trilogy, a sombre, nihilistic work.
Institut Lumière (Hangar) Fri 20 10:30pm 4th film

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