Wim Wenders :
Lumière Award 2023

Portrait Wenders C Donata WenderWim Wenders embodied the revival of German and European cinema at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s. He became one of the first filmmakers to be invited by the Lumière Institute in 1991 but has never returned to Rue du Premier-Film since. Celebrating in Lyon, the birthplace of the Lumière Cinematograph, this travelling filmmaker, polymorphous virtuoso and visionary, an accomplished photographer who has never stopped reinventing himself and who has lived a thousand lives, has long been an obvious choice. His films affirm his trademark style and favourite themes: wandering, travel, solitude, as well as a somewhat mythological notion of the American road trip, such as in Alice in the Cities, Wrong Move, Kings of the Road and The American Friend. His series of films has won him recognition at major international festivals and aroused the interest of audiences around the world and the American movie industry. He is the man behind Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire, the man who has also led a full career as a documentary filmmaker, creating works about German choreographer Pina Bausch, Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado, or Japanese filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu... And in 2023, he has achieved a stunning double triumph with his two new films: Anselm and Perfect Days.

The festival will also celebrate Wim Wenders, the photographer, with three exhibitions, one which will be shown for the very first time, based on his book Once (G3J, 1994). Wim Wenders, the cinephile, will be given a carte blanche to curate his own list of films for the festival and will also pay a tribute to Sam Shepard.

A programme developed with the Wim Wenders Stiftung.


© Donata Wenders.


Master class
Conversation with Wim Wenders 

Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon 
Friday, 20 October at 3pm 
Purchase online

Lumière Award Presentation Ceremony - Wim Wenders 

Amphithéâtre – Centre de Congrès
Friday, 20 October at 7.30pm
A ceremony attended by a myriad of guests
Followed by a screening of The American Friend.



Wim Wenders photographer, 3 exhibitions:


ONCE: photos and stories by Wim Wenders
Cinema Gallery 1
20 rue du Premier-Film, Lyon 8th
From October 11 to December 31
Wim Wenders : stopped in motion
Cinema Gallery 2
3 rue de l’Arbre sec, Lyon 1st
From October 11 to December 31
STRANGE PLACES: photographs by Wim Wenders
Cinema Gallery 3
3 rue Pleney, Lyon 1st
From October 11 to November 12



Wim Wenders will introduce
Kings of the Road 
on Thursday, October 19 at 2:30pm at Cinéma Comœdia
Anselm on Wednesday, October 18 at 4:45pm at Pathé Bellecour
Perfect Days on Wednesday, October 18 at 9pm at the Institut Lumière
Kings of the Road on Thursday, October 19 at 2:30pm at Cinéma Comoedia
Wings of Desire on Thursday, October 19 at 4:30pm at UGC Ciné Cité Confluence
Paris, Texas on Thursday, October 19 at 5:15pm at the Institut Lumière
Beau travail on Friday, October 20 at 10:45am at Cinéma Comœdia
Alice in the Cities on Saturday, October 21 at 2:45pm at Pathé Bellecour
Enter the Void on Saturday, October 21 at 8:45pm at the UGC Confluence



Alice in the Cities by Wim Wenders (Alice in den Städten, 1974, 1h52)
At the airport, Lisa meets Philip and entrusts him with her daughter Alice, so that he can take her back to Amsterdam. She will join them the following day... A sensitive and melancholy journey, starring Rüdiger Vogler, one of Wim Wenders' favourite actors. A magnificent film.
UGC Confluence Sun 15 10:45am | Lumière Terreaux Wed 18 4:15pm | Comœdia Fri 20 11:15am | Pathé Bellecour Sat 21 2:45pm

Wrong Move by Wim Wenders (Falsche Bewegung, 1975, 1h43)
The encounters he is about to make on his journey through Germany take Wilhelm a long way from the humdrum life he used to lead in Bonn... Wim Wenders: "The journey of someone who has this hope of understanding the world, and for whom the opposite happens."
Pathé Bellecour Mon 16 10:45am | Cinéma Opéra Fri 20 7:15pm | UGC Astoria Sat 21 8:15pm

Kings of the Road by Wim Wenders (Im Lauf der Zeit, 1976, 2h55)
Bruno is a travelling film equipment repairman. While on a trip in his camper van, he meets Robert, with whom he will continue his journey... A sumptuous nomadic voyage, haunted by themes of loss and absence.
Comœdia Thu 19 2:30pm | Institut Lumière (Villa) Fri 20 7:30pm & Institut Lumière (Villa) Fri 20 7:45pm

The American Friend by Wim Wenders (Der amerikanische Freund, 1977, 2h06, int -12ans)
A stranger suggests that Jonathan (Bruno Ganz) execute a man in return for 250,000 marks. This plot seems to have some connection with Tom Ripley (Dennis Hopper)... A film noir adapted from the book by Patricia Highsmith
Institut Lumière (Villa) Sun 15 2pm & Institut Lumière (Villa) Sun 15 2:15pm | UGC Confluence Wed 18 4:15pm | Charbonnières-les-Bains Sat 21 8pm

The State of Things by Wim Wenders (Der Stand der Dinge, 1982, 2h01)
In Portugal, in a hotel devastated by a storm, the filming of The Survivors, a remake of a science fiction film from the 1950s, is obliged to come to a halt... Wenders signs a manifesto in favour of independent cinema
UGC Confluence Tue 17 2pm | UGC Confluence Wed 18 11:15am | Cinéma Opéra Thu 19 5:15pm

Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders (1984, 2h28)
Travis (Harry Dean Stanton) emerges from the desert after an absence of four years, mute and inexpressive. He soon tries to approach a son he had had with his young wife Jane (Nastassja Kinski), who is nowhere to be found... Winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes, an understated yet deeply moving road movie centred on the theme of the quest for identity.
UGC Confluence Sun 15 8:45pm | Mions Mon 16 8pm | Pathé Bellecour Wed 18 10:45am | Institut Lumière (Hangar) Thu 19 5:15pm | Comœdia Sun 22 4:45pm

Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders (Der Himmel über Berlin, 1987, 2h08)
Invisible and observant, two angels (Otto Sander and Bruno Ganz) wander around Berlin. One of them falls in love with a young trapeze artist (Solveig Dommartin)... The allegorical tale of an angel who gives up heaven for the love of a woman, a poetic masterpiece.
Institut Lumière (Villa) Sun 15 9:15pm Institut Lumière (Villa) Sun 15 9:30pm | Ecully Mon 16 8pm | Cinéma St-Denis Tue 17 8:h30pm | UGC Confluence Thu 19 4:30pm | Institut Lumière (Villa) Sat 21 6:30pm Institut Lumière (Villa) Sat 21 6:45pm| Lumière Terreaux Sun 22 2pm

Until the End of the World – Director’s cut  by Wim Wenders (Bis ans Ende der Welt - Director's cut, 1991-1994, 4h47 - Part One 2h12, Part Two 2h35)
While the Earth is threatened by an atomic satellite, Claire travels the world in pursuit of Trevor, whom she is in love with... A reflection on the potential abuses of images and their uses in the near future.
UGC Astoria Sun 15 2pm | Cinéma Opéra Tue 17 7pm

Lisbon Story by Wim Wenders (Lisbon Story, 1994, 1h43)
Phillip (Rüdiger Vogler) travels to Portugal to join his filmmaker friend Friedrich. Once there, he discovers that his pal has disappeared, leaving behind only an unfinished film... A spirited, spontaneous movie featuring a sensory stroll through the heart of Lisbon.
Cinéma Opéra Sun 15 2:30pm | Lumière Terreaux Mon 16 4:15pm | Francheville Wed 18 8:30pm | Décines Thu 19 8pm | UGC Confluence Sat 21 7pm

Beyond the Clouds by Michelangelo Antonioni et Wim Wenders (Al di là delle nuvole, 1995, 1h52)
Between France and Italy, a filmmaker (John Malkovich) shoots four love stories.... Adapted from the writings of Michelangelo Antonioni and Wim Wenders, it stars Sophie Marceau, Jean Reno, Fanny Ardant, Irène Jacob and Vincent Perez
UGC Astoria Tue 17 4pm

The Million Dollar Hotel by Wim Wenders (2000, 2h04)
In a run-down Los Angeles neighbourhood, an FBI agent (Mel Gibson) investigates the death of a young drug dealer, encountering a community of derelicts... A love story also starring Milla Jovovich and Jeremy Davies.
UGC Confluence Mon 16 10:45am | Lumière Terreaux Fri 20 7:15pm

Don't Come Knocking by Wim Wenders (2005, 2h02)
Howard, a fading cinema star, drowns his loneliness in alcohol, drugs and women. One day, he suddenly leaves a film set... The excellent cast includes Jessica Lange, Tim Roth and Sam Shepard, twenty years after Paris, Texas. A nostalgic and melancholy western.
Lumière Bellecour Tue 17 8:30pm | Institut Lumière (Villa) Thu 19 6:15pm | Cinéma Opéra Sat 21 2pm


Perfect Days by Wim Wenders (2023, 1h59)
Hirayama works as a cleaner in Tokyo's public toilets and seems content with his simple life. But a series of unexpected encounters gradually reveals his past... A poetic reflection on the beauty of the moment. Koji Yakusho’s performance in the lead role earned him the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival.
Institut Lumière (Hangar) Wed 18 9pm


Lightning Over Water by Wim Wenders et Nicholas Ray (Documentary, 1980, 1h30)
Somewhere between documentary and fiction, the poignant project of two friends during the last months of filmmaker Nicholas Ray's life...
Institut Lumière (Villa) Sat 21 10:45am
& Institut Lumière (Villa) Sat 21 11am

Room 666 by Wim Wenders (Documentary, 1982, 47min)
In a hotel room in Cannes, Wenders asks fifteen filmmakers: "What is the future of cinema?” Heavyweight directors Spielberg, Antonioni and Godard share their thoughts on an art form shaken by the advent of a new era.
UGC Confluence Mon 16 5pm

Chambre 999 by Lubna Playoust (Documentaire, 2023, 1h25)
Forty years ago, Wim Wenders asked in Room 666: "Is cinema on the verge of disappearing?” Claire Denis, Asghar Farhadi, Ruben Östlund, Alice Rohrwacher, Olivier Assayas and James Gray weigh in on the same question.
Lumière Terreaux Thu 19 4:45pm

Tokyo-Ga by Wim Wenders (Documentary, 1985, 1h32)
In search of the cinema of Yasujiro Ozu, Wim Wenders wanders through the streets of Tokyo... A sensitive reflection on cinema through a diary shot on film.
Pathé Bellecour Wed 18 11:15am

Buena Vista Social Club by Wim Wenders (Documentaire, 1999, 1h45)
In the streets of Havana, Wim Wenders films the musicians of the famous Cuban band.... A delicate portrait of the charismatic members of the Buena Vista Social Club.
Pathé Bellecour Mon 16 2:15pm | Cinéma Opéra Sun 22 2:30pm

In theatres from October 18

Anselm  by Wim Wenders (Documentaire, Anselm - Das Rauschen der Zeit, 2023, 1h33)
Presentation of the film in 3D by Wim Wenders on 18 October at 4.45pm at the Pathé Bellecour (tickets available directly from the cinema)

Homage to Sam Shepard by Wim Wenders

Days of Heaven by Terrence Malick (1978, 1h34)
Bill (Richard Gere) sees an opportunity to get out of poverty and urges his girlfriend Abby (Brooke Adams) to give in to the advances of a rich farmer (Sam Shepard) suffering from an incurable disease... A rural epic with unforgettable aesthetics.
Pathé Bellecour Thu 19 10pm | Pathé Bellecour Sat 21 5:30pm

Wim Wenders; Carte blanche

Wanda by Barbara Loden (1970, 1h37)
Wanda, a young, divorced woman with no ambitions and no life of her own, crosses paths with Dennis, a small-time thief, and becomes his accomplice... A unique and moving film by actress Barbara Loden.
Lumière Bellecour Wed 18 8:30pm | Institut Lumière (Villa) Sun 22 10:45am

Beau travail by Claire Denis (1999, 1h33)
In the Gulf of Djibouti, a group of legionnaires play at war and repair the roads. In this platoon, jealousy, hatred and attraction are intertwined... An unclassifiable film distinguished by sublime cinematography, starring Denis Lavant and Grégoire Colin.
Comœdia Fri 20 10:45am

Enter the Void by Gaspar Noé (2009, 2h41, Prohib. ages -16)
Oscar and his sister live on limited means in Tokyo. One day, Oscar is killed in a police raid, but his spirit lingers on and keeps a watchful eye... A peculiar movie, both applauded and booed, leaving no one indifferent.
UGC Confluence Sat 21 8:45pm

& Institut Lumière (Villa) ve 20 19h45

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